The Irmãos Nogueira Institute in addition to a training center is an environment of education and transformation in which the path of overcoming, discipline and resilience, always present in the life of the Nogueira Brothers, become inspiring for our children, young people and adults.

Our students are warriors of the future, and the mythical figure of our idols Minotauro and Minotouro are the driving force behind the path of goodness, as well as values that positively seek citizenship.

With a great team of teachers, teachers, psychologists, staff and students, along with sponsors and supporters, we are agents of transformation. In order for all learning from within the mat through the essence of martial arts to be reflected off of it in the pursuit of good behavior, walking a path of education with the purpose of transmitting positive actions for the whole community.

The companies and institutions believe in the project of Irmãos Nogueira Institute, after all we act to change the future, inserting the sport in the day-to-day of our children and young people.