The Project Warriors of the Future happened in the years of 2013 and 2014, sponsored by the telephone company Tim in partnership with the State Department of Sports, Leisure and Youth when the mechanism of the Law of Sports Incentive was used.

The investment served the goal of fostering martial arts and contributing to the citizen's training of the students. At that time, 500 children and adolescents were attended in 4 communities: Complexo do Alemão, Manguinhos, Nova Iguaçu and Terreirão.

The project, which comes from the benefit of the Pelé Law, started activities in 2016 in partnership with the State Department of Sports, Leisure and Youth and with great success enters 2018 in the third year.

It has in the manifestation of the educational sport its sustentation, by the participation of 1000 children, adolescents and young people in the sport practices. Intended to learn different modalities of fights and martial arts by the beneficiaries of the communities of Nova Iguaçu, Bangu, Complexo do Alemão, Vila Cruzeiro, Terreirão and Mangueira.

The participant himself chooses the modality of his preference, within the number of available places per class and schedule. In addition to children, adolescents and young people, the project also supports the participation of parents and guardians as participants in the teaching-learning process in order to promote social inclusion and the recovery of the self-esteem of these socially disadvantaged people.