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Thiago Lucas, 24, is an example of overcoming many children who are assisted by Instituto Irmãos Nogueira. Before becoming professor of the Institute itself, helping children and young people of the Black Belt Social Project, Thiago, better known as Mammoth, had terrible moments due to his life choices. If before Thiago Mamute lived without direction, addicted to crack and involved with the crime, today, after arriving at the Black Belt of Jesus, with only 38kgs, on account of drugs, the teacher recognizes the good that the social project did to the it and follows the path of awareness of the children and young people who are assisted.

His idea is to show them the right way and the good so that they do not have to go through what he went through. “I myself have had life experience of going through addiction, drugs and criminality and today I am teaching these children not to go down this road because I know it was a difficult road and it has greatly disrupted my life and my family. I was a crack user, I got involved with the crime, but I turned it around. I realized that this was not being good for me and today I am able to use my life experience to help the children and chart another way for them. I am able to show the way of right and wrong for them, “says Thiago Mamute.

Thiago arrived at the Institute seven years ago and went through all the processes that all children and young people go through. They study, learn a profession, take care of their health, and are motivated to find in the difficulties even more motivation to keep their lives on track. “For as much as adversities may find us, the most important thing is the honest choices you make,” he points out.

Currently, Thiago Mamute is a Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and teaches the children of Instituto Irmãos Nogueira. For Ricardo Cavalcante, manager of the Nova Iguaçu core project, the most important thing when a person arrives at the project is to take care of the body, the food, the spirit. So you start thinking about martial arts. “The important thing for us is that this person stay away from drugs and crime, because it’s no use to prepare a person to be excellent in martial arts if he is not going to use the path of good!”