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In the then year of 1889, November 15, the Presidential Federative Republic was born. This event was marked by the figure of Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca as the protagonist of the proclamation, becoming the first President of the Brazilian Republic, from 1889 to 1891, during a provisional government.

This important historical moment in Brazil gave rise to the first Constitution, whose function was to establish in the country the republican regime, following the presidential government. Thanks to the 1891 document, it was established that all Brazilians are equal before the law, that nobody could be forced to do something or to do otherwise than by virtue of the law, besides freedom of religious worship, participation in associations, freedom of the press , expression and exercise of any profession, among others. Subsequently, approved by the National Constituent Assembly on September 22, 1988 and promulgated on October 5, 1988, the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988 replaced that of 1891 and is the current fundamental and supreme law of the country.

For us the IIN, nothing more essential than the emancipation of the Brazilian people. There is nothing else we cherish. At our juncture, we value independence, because our whole struggle is based on this: being able to help and ensure to young people and children, at the margins of society, their freedom: guaranteeing equal opportunities for all.

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In Brazil the National Book Day is celebrated on October 29th. Being a set of sheets written or printed with the purpose of passing and registering an idea, books are essential objectives for the entire cultural evolution of a society.

There were times when some ideas recorded in books were symbols and tools of revolutions in certain countries. So small, but so important, the books have already been burned, buried, torn by clusters of people who disapproved of such printed ideas. Sign, this, without taking advantage of ideologies, the strength that words have.

The date of the 29th was chosen to commemorate the National Book Day because it is when the National Book Library was founded in the year 1810 by the Portuguese crown, which was responsible for bringing the first bibliographic collection to the country , coming directly from the Royal Portuguese Library, with more than 60 thousand objects composed of manuscripts, maps, books, coins and medals.

There are several genres of books, such as romance, suspense, drama, fiction, self-help, religious, documentary, school, among others. It is worth remembering that in order to publish a book, it is necessary to have a publisher who buys the idea of publishing the material of a certain author, but can also be done independently as, for example, in Amazon or even the new ones. -books that came to stay. That is, there is now a greater democratization in the publication of books.

With Gutenberg the first impression of a serial book was made due to its creation: the typographic press that gave origin to Gutenberg Bible with exact 642 pages and a circulation of 200 copies. This historical moment was marked as the passage from the Medieval Era to the Modern Era.

“Marília de Dirceu” was the first work published in Brazil. Its author, Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, had his book read by the emperor beforehand so that it was certified that the ideas contained therein were in agreement with what the Brazilians could read, already presenting traces of censorship that would last for years in the social political scene Brazilian.

In the year 1925, with the founding of Companhia Editora Nacional, editor and writer Monteiro Lobato, Brazil began to have more possibilities for editorial growth.

For the Instituto Irmãos Nogueira to foster culture is essential. There are more than 1,200 children assisted in our projects and our first goal is to transform lives based on the assumption that education is paramount to achieving these goals.

Book of pedagogical coordinator Jorge Felipe Columá portrays a nucleus of the Irmãos Nogueira Institute:

Entitled “Sentinela da Cidadania: actors and authors in the life of the favela,” the book speaks of affirmative action in communities with practical examples involving a community in Rio de Janeiro where there is a core of the IIN. For those who want to know and buy a copy is available at:

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The United Nations is an international organization formed by countries, on a voluntary basis, to cooperate with each other and promote peace, as well as world development.

The United Nations Charter, well known among many countries, expresses the ideals and goals of the nations that have organized themselves to build a better future and is the organization’s main document. We can cite some passages such as:

“We, the peoples of the United Nations, resolved to preserve the coming generations from the scourge of war, which, on two occasions in our lives, brought unspeakable suffering to humanity, and reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, dignity human rights, equal rights for men and women, as well as for nations large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for obligations under treaties and other sources of international law be maintained, and promote social progress and better living conditions within a broader freedom.”

October 24 marks the anniversary of the Charter’s entry into force in 1945. The UN General Assembly in 1971 recommended to the participating States that the day be a public holiday.

For us of the Irmãos Nogueira Institute, it is essential to remember this important date for the promotion of world peace, since Brazil has been one of the countries participating in the organization since 1947, and in view of the detriment that violence has provided us for years on end. our society. Here is our remembrance, homage and wish that we have better days.

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On October 14, during Armageddon event in Jacarepaguá, our student Márcio Fernandes de Lima, better known as Marcinho Duracell, became champion in the 66kg category in the amateur MMA taking the belt home.

We at the Irmãos Nogueira Institute feel very proud of the victory and commitment of our athlete who has been making a beautiful story and that, of course, will be very successful. Marcinho has been with us since he was ten. Today, with 17, starts to appear in MMA events in Rio de Janeiro.

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In the midst of so many bad news that we are confronted daily in the country’s main news, some of them make us believe that social projects are extremely important in the life of communities. It is a reality that Rio de Janeiro is under siege. Trafficking, drugs and violence are killing us as if we were a country in a state of war.

As much as our war is veiled, there are works that are being done incessantly in search of regeneration. They are people who wake up every morning with faith that their jobs can redeem at least one life of crime. And when that happens is a reason for happiness not only for those who are ahead of social projects, but for all the relatives of this life that now has a chance to move forward as a citizen of good.

In Jesus’ Black Belt it is no different. Located in Nova Iguaçu, this social project has as main objective to remove men, women and even children who are on the margins of society, contributing to the crime continue to make victims. According to project manager Ricardo Cavalcante, the case of Marlon Zandonight is more like the ones we see every day on television, a former drug dealer who, in addition to selling drugs, was also involved in assaults and other crimes.

However, this case begins to differ from the others from the moment that Marlon began to participate, about six months, of the Black Belt of Jesus. “First I am teaching him to live, the competitions and the martial arts, for us now is not important, first we are taking care of his body, his teeth, his food, his soul, the spirit, and then we think about competing . What’s important is he’s in here, away from traffic, crime, drugs, and assault, you see. This is the most important. He has been training Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, but first we have to do something well done because it’s no use having a super fighting athlete who continues to commit crimes”, says Ricardo.

Today, Marlon has dropped his weapons and is being re-socialized. His mother Andreia is very happy with this new phase in the life of her son Marlon: “My son was giving me a lot of trouble getting involved with drugs, with wrong people, with the traffic and I was suffering a lot from it, I had high blood pressure, I lived behind him in the street. He made me very sad about this, but today my son has been in the project for six months and has become a new boy, a new boy, regenerated and socialized again. In our family now we all believe in him again. I am very grateful to the staff of this project because, thank God for this project, I hope it continues in the way of good”, says Andreia.

To register for the Black Belt Social Project, just look for the headquarters of the same, located at Av. Gov. Roberto Silveira, 1050 – Centro, Nova Iguaçu – RJ. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian; above 18 years of age, taking photo ID, CPF and proof of residence. Children, ages 8 and older, and teens must bring all these documents and more to the school statement. All procedures are free, in addition to all material. For more information call +55 (21) 3488-5928.