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On the date of World Food Day, October 16, talking about nutrition and food is somewhat delicate. According to the United Nations, hunger kills almost half of the world’s children. Approximately 155 children are “chronically malnourished and may experience the effects of dwarfism throughout their lives.”

In Brazil, 821 people go hungry. And for those who think that malnutrition is only related to hunger, it is very much mistaken. Obesity is also a complicated latent reality around the world. According to UN Director-General José Graziano da Silva, “if we do not find concrete ways to prevent this, the number of obese people will soon become as high as the number of undernourished people in the world.”

In the face of this global reality, all organizations working for the well-being and development of young people and children have a key role to play in raising awareness of the alarming rates of childhood obesity (WHO – World Health Organization – already considers obesity epidemic), as well as an inexorable responsibility for the well-being of its supporters.

Children’s Day Instituto Irmãos Nogueira:

Taking all these points into consideration and creating a link with the children’s month, now in October, we want to highlight our concern with all these issues that involve the future of our country. The IIN not only supports the cause, but also aims to assist those assisted with basic food, food (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) in some nuclei where social projects are developed, in addition to having the nutritional support of specialists who believe in the organization’s ability to help those in need.

Our very thanks to all those who follow us day and night by supporting and supporting our children and young people, and, of course, of all our partners who made it happen at our last Children’s Day celebration on October 10.

Special thanks to Gabie Fernandes, our angel who helped us provide various activities and snacks to our children. Thank you very much for all your support and affection.

And last but not least, our simple thanks to all the companies that helped us during the event are also registered:

Production: @juliennecamacho
Pizza: @finapastarestaurantes
Cake station: @jnalexandria
Snack house: @nonnamagalli
Snack and home decoration: @tiavivilanche
Potato Station: @Fourkidsestacaofood
Movie Popcorn made by the time: @af_produ
Gourmet Sacolé Station: @ateliertalmaetalfilha
Acai / cotton candy: @tacataapple
Ice Cream Station: @deliciasdatatybuffet
Churros Station: @euamochurrosecreperj
Fake cake: @priema_arteembiscuit
Cut Cake: @deliciascurty
Brigadier of table: @chocolatierdemarchi
Love apple / stuffed cone: @ danibiazinha8
Personalized candy: @ ella.doceria
Animation / character: @brunarezendeecia